I was born in PingTung, Taiwan, into an ordinary large family.  As a child, there were no dolls or toys to play with.  Fun came from playing games,  kicking feathers “ Jian Zi” , and playing hide & seek with similar aged kids in the “San He’ garden.  After the fun & games, reluctantly and under threat of a beating, I will follow my mother home, tired out and sweaty, a supposedly fun filled day has gone by.

The village road winds round grandpa’s village home and pig sty!  The grunts of the hogs are familiar , and so is the stink coming from the sty- but being home makes one feels comfortable, even seemingly familiar faces could be recognised by the pigs!  That’s family!

My childhood haven was surrounded by fruits trees and a stream that  we must pass vivid memories of our frolicking  in the stream will never be cherished.  The vast expanse of land and forest  close by, with beautiful bamboos interspersed amongst the willow trees that sways in the breeze.  The peaceful scene conjures  up images of poets  past , who maybe  inspired to write beautiful poems that last forever! Hot, sweaty, but happy, I would take off my shoes and clothes and immerse my whole being in this wonderment!  Alas, time flies, time to go, and the pangs of hunger and fearful of being caned if I missed  times, quickly I put my clothes on and rushed home…..

As one grows up, many childhood experiences and memories  are forgotten or become blurred with the passing of time.  Being naughty as a child or teenager , the corporal punishments received were also but a vague memory, and it is not important any more.  Now living overseas for many years, the distance from home or our loved ones are bound by blood ties and family love.  Distance is but a medium in between, our love & memories of our parents, though they are gone, become even closer!

Even if they could live past 100, it’s but a route we all must travel. Sometimes  one asks, why does this happen?  Why is life so cruel? With our parents passing, would our original home be like a flying kite with a broken string, neither going here nor there, without any destination, floated aimlessly in this cruel world, and subjected to the whims of nature?

What is love?  Family ties?  As life progresses, we all have our future and family, our space -but whatever happens, I will still love all my family.

As a child, life was simple and straight forward.  We had no choice, nor did we know our life’s directions!  No one will be able to tell us! Envious of rich neighbours children who could afford new clothes, learn art, music & dance!  We could only watch from afar, we could not participate  nor be a part of them……only stood by the window outside looking in, with every ivory note being pounded,  the sweet music floats through the air that vibrates the child in me to the core! Then I began to realise the imbalance of the world we live in.  The rich could indulge in life’s extravagances, the poor?  They get chased out, only to envy from a far!

If I fall, I must get up on my own – if I cry, quietly I wipe away my tears. Bravely, I step out of my poverty and difficulties!  The mental strength of a village kid!

Perhaps, the hard life has taught me how to survive, how to live without, like Humpty Dumpty , never afraid to fall!  And gift from the heavens, for the artistic endowment conferred upon this poor girl – me!

This present exhibition, only helps to provide a value for expressing my inner thoughts, my life, every live, every stroke of the brush, is a step I have taken in life.

A Showcase of Her Passion for Arts