Christina Chen

Favoured for her strong colours and bold strokes, Christina Chen have earned herself many admirers and collectors of her perceptive oil paintings since she delved into the world of art painting in 2004.

Born Chen Yu Ting in Taiwan, Christina is no newbie to the world of art. Christina’s natural flair for the delicate beauty of nature and its wild colours had already won her many trophies back in her young days in Taiwan.

When she was young, she attended Pingtung Girls High School , and was actively encouraged by her teachers to take up art because of her natural talent. In Singapore, she also attended classes at The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, whereupon her artistic talents were further enhanced.

As she played with water colour and Chinese brush paintings and more, calling Singapore her home for more than two decades now, Christina continued to paint in her free time while running her own fashion boutique, La Femme Fatale , which designs fashion pieces for her personal and long-term customers and friends. Due to her inborn natural flair for beauty,and colours, it is only natural that she progresses to oil painting.

Her passion for oil pieces was only re-ignited in 2004 when she met Mr Tan Khim Ser, who encouraged her nature flair. He is her mentor and teacher till the present. Barely a year after she dabbled in oil paintings, she started to win admirers, and at her very first group exhibition in Singapore Island Country club, Christina surprised herself and others when her paintings were sold for the highest prices. She was subsequently invited for more exhibitions and, as people say, the rest is history.

Christina’s fame grew just as demand for her bright and exotic oil paintings did. Besides being honoured with having her Chinese brush paintings displayed at Xiaman National Museum, Christina’s works were also exhibited at an international Chinese Calligraphy exhibition in Beijing in November 2008. In December 2008, Christina was one of four artists from Singapore invited for an international event that saw the congregation of a hundred China-born artists returning to Taiwan for a major art exhibition.

Her keen perception of nature around us has enabled her to produce works of art that dazzles, mesmerises and lifts ones feeling to the plateau of wonderment! Christina’s many collectors and fans have given her fresh encouragement to work harder and hopefully becomes a world renowned international artist!

A Showcase of Her Passion for Arts